Welcome to GPI Global Policy Incubator GmbH, your partner for knowledge transfer, facilitation and advice on innovative policies for economic transformation. We work throughout the entire policy cycle, from evidence-based analysis, strategy and policy design, all the way through implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Our support focuses on policy areas that are at the core of inclusive and sustainable development: industrial policy, economic policy, trade policy, environmental policy, private sector development and national planning.

At GPI Global Policy Incubator we partner with countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe to develop tailor-made solutions that fit the local context.

We believe in the power of policies. Our work focuses on facilitating systemic change with innovative strategic interventions that deliver large impact in a sustainable way.

We support you to get your policies off the ground in a collaborative process. GPI provides a learning space for countries to design and implement strategies independently.

Our Mission

At GPI we empower economic transformation by supporting countries to take back control of their policy process.

We exist because effective policies are indispensable for inclusive and sustainable development and to re-balance the global economy. We are convinced that this requires more than just another appealing document. Through customized knowledge transfer we make policy design intuitive and accessible and inspire countries to implement strategic interventions independently.

Our Vision

We envision a transformation to a more balanced and just global society.

In this vision, countries pursue policies that support their unique development priorities in a self-determined way. Innovative strategic actions are designed in a participatory process based on thorough evidence, while continuous evaluation and adaptation maximize policy impact. Once countries have gained independence from external support, the work of GPI will become obsolete.

Our Work

Effective processes matter more than paper.

Instead of drafting strategic documents for countries, we facilitate self-determined policy making processes through capacity development.

Capacity Development

Provision of in-depth knowledge transfer, coaching & mentoring,

Development and introduction of state-of-the-art policy & diagnosis tools,

Organization of strategic decision-making processes and stakeholder dialogue,

Design of organizational systems that enable policy implementation

Policy Facilitation

Strengthen capacities for conducting policy diagnostics and to produce meaningful analytical reports.

Supervise the process of designing action-oriented strategies and policy documents.

Guide the process of implementing key policy interventions effectively.

Support the creation of systems for monitoring, evaluation and policy adaptation.


Our Team

We are an international team that serves countries globally from our headquarters in Berlin, Germany.

The GPI team has successfully delivered projects in Africa, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Caucasus, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. We work in English, Spanish, French, German and Russian.

Key expertise:
• Industrial & economic policy
• Analysis & strategy design
• Monitoring & evaluation (M&E)
• Certified EQuIP Master Trainer

Philipp Neuerburg

Founder & Managing Director

Key expertise:
• Industrial & economic policy
• Institutional development
• Monitoring & evaluation (M&E)
• Certified EQuIP Trainer

Christian Timm

Founder & Managing Director

Key expertise:
• Industrial policy
• Environmental management & policy
• Quality management systems
• Certified EQuIP Trainer

Ana Lacayo

Policy Expert

Key expertise:
• Industrial ecology & circular economy
• Environmental policy & law
• Sustainability assessments & policy
• Certified EQuIP Co-Trainer

Denisse Navarro

Policy Expert

Contact us

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